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The following are some guidelines for use of the Hall.

The Hall is gainfully used by many village organisations and other hirers, and the Management Committee is mindful of the fact that over the years regular users and hirers change their personnel and newcomers may be unaware of how the Hall works and what their responsibilities are.  This note seeks to set out the expectations and habits that, if followed, will enhance the comfort and usability for all.


  1. The Management Committee seeks to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for all users and by the same token expects hirers to leave the Hall as found.  If it is not as you expect please report any deficiency to any Hall Committee Member who will seek to rectify the problem.  Clearly if, for instance, the floor is found to be unswept by a previous user, then additional cleaning will be required and the cleaner's time will be charged for.

  2. The Hall is cleaned twice a week, but facilities and equipment are available for your organisation to use if necessary and required.  A vacuum cleaner is stored in the Durnford Room cupboard together with a small dustpan and brush.  In the kitchen is a plastic bucket and sponge mops for small and isolated spillages.  Please use the mops having dampened them first.  In the rear store room is a wide broom and a scissor floor sweeper for the cleaning of the Painter hall floor.

  3. The kitchen has a hot water supply at the sink and there is also an electric hot water heater for the brewing of beverages.  Crockery and glasses are stored in the wall mounted cupboards.  You are welcome to use these facilities with the expectation that everything is replaced and left clean and tidy.

  4. Irregular hirers are required to take their rubbish away, but regular users can leave small amounts of rubbish in the kitchen bins.  If you hold and organise a big function then we would expect your sacks of waste to be removed after the event.  The brown bin is for non-recyclable waste whilst the white bin is for paper and other recyclable matter.  The same rules apply as they do at your home.

  5. As you probably realise, the electrical supply is turned off until the dedicated key is used to turn on the supply by the front door. The only item that remains on is the kitchen fridge. As a consequence the central heating boiler will only work once somebody is in occupation and therefore it takes a short while for the Hall to warm up. The radiators in the Painter hall will need to be turned on as they are fan assisted, but a bit noisy, and reasonably efficient once running. They are regularly cleaned to ensure efficiency.

  6. When leaving the building, it will be appreciated if a "sweep" of the whole building is undertaken to ensure that taps are off (we are on a water meter), windows closed and locked, the fire exit doors closed and light switches turned to off. By the front door is a switch controlling the car park lights which are controlled by a passive infrared sensor. Do not flick the light switch in an attempt to turn off the car park lights, there is a delay to allow your safe exit but if the switch is repeatedly turned on and off the PIR is reprogrammed and there is a danger that the outside lights will remain on indefinitely and at some expense to the Hall and annoyance to our neighbours in Eastman's Field and Drove Road.

  7. It is recognised that the store room is a little small for everybody's equipment which is why every effort should be made to return items to their designated areas and for things to be kept as tidy as possible.


There is nothing new in these guidelines, but the Committee feel that our rules and expectations should be republished for the avoidance of doubt.

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